Political science is a complicated and broad field of study that looks at many different parts of politics and power. If you are a political science student, you will need political science research topics. Do you want to know the current political science research topics?

Don’t be afraid! We know how hard it is to develop a good study topic when you have to do it independently. So, in this blog post, we’ve listed some current political science research topics and the dos and don’ts when writing a political science research paper.

How to choose political science research paper topics

Choosing the right topic is critical, and you can accomplish it by delving more into politics. Here are some great recommendations for choosing political science research paper topics.

  • Don’t be afraid to dig a little into controversy
  • Try to keep your subject matter relatively new
  • When coming up with a topic for a research paper, try to make it unique
  • Before you start drafting the topic know your genera
  • Always follow the rules that your university has set for topics and formatting

How to write a political science research paper

Writing an essay on any research paper is challenging. Political studies are much more dynamic than the majority of social sciences, with daily tide changes.

It makes a significant impact on how you approach your research paper. Seeking inspiration is an excellent place to start while writing a political science research paper. Fortunately, when it comes to politics, you can find inspiration wherever.

Start with your local politics and see what you can learn from them, aside from some intriguing psychology subjects. After you’ve got a broad notion of where you’re going, it could be a good idea to outline the entire thing. The first step to that is finding top-notch political science research topics.

Dos and don’ts of political papers

Keep the following things in mind when writing your political science research paper.

  • Stick to the one-idea-per-paragraph norm
  • Gather knowledge by researching any literature or similar efforts relating to your topic
  • Give facts from reputable scholarly sources
  • Include any statistics, facts, or evidence that supports your significant claims
  • Include the counterargument paragraph before the conclusion
  • Avoid a harsh tone while discussing sensitive subjects in your work
  • Avoid presenting only one side of the story
  • When debating political parties, keep a neutral stance. Never show your preference
  • Avoid using too many quotations in your research work
  • Avoid using any slang terms or colloquial language

Political science research topics on comparative politics

  1. Comparison of presidential and parliamentary democracy
  2. What are comparative political institutions?
  3. The behavioral approach to parties’ comparison
  4. A study of the Anglo-Saxon traits in the American government
  5. Talk about direct and indirect binaries
  6. Apartheid phenomenon
  7. The Chinese communist party hierarchy
  8. Getting people to work in developing countries
  9. Vietnam war interests aggregation
  10. Talk about fighting and revolution in the U.S
  11. Strategic planning in fiscal management
  12. Compare and contrast the FDI policies of the united states and India
  13. Explain the modernization theory
  14. Foreign policies of the united states versus the united kingdom
  15. Karl Schmidt’s ideas about German philosophy
  16. Election policies

International relations political science research topics

You can choose the following international relations political science research topics to write your research paper.

  1. An examination of global security networks
  2. International monetary fund structure
  3. NGO ethical principles
  4. Causes of global poverty
  5. Examine one of the several religious wars
  6. Ugandan human rights
  7. Corporations in Japan with non-state facilitators
  8. Arctic circle power struggles
  9. What triggered the Afghan war?
  10. Effects of the Syrian conflict

Political science philosophy research topics

You will find different categories of research topics from the extensive political science research topics list. One of the categories is political science philosophy research topics and includes the following:

  1. Republican values in education
  2. American revolutionary war
  3. Election ethics
  4. German philosophy and the theses of Karl Schmidt
  5. Techniques for transition in the post-socialist Era
  6. Justification for liberal democracy
  7. Western constitutional law’s view of existentialism
  8. Liberalization versus civil republicanism
  9. A study of political virtues that promote mutual tolerance
  10. Neopatrimonialism societal dangers
  11. Social media and the struggle for change
  12. Government repression in Syria
  13. The Afghanistan War

Political science research topics on public administration

Below you will find the best political science research topics on public administration to discuss in your research paper.

  1. The relationship between public administration and social equity
  2. Public administration sustainability projects
  3. Administration transportation security jobs
  4. Not-for-profit organizations ethics
  5. Compromises in environmental management
  6. An investigation into the federal emergency management agency
  7. Characteristics of a true leader in public administration
  8. Private sector innovations in the United States
  9. Fiscal management strategic planning
  10. Methods of community development
  11. Optimal public safety benefits
  12. Procedures for crisis handling in your area
  13. Rohr, John governmental efforts constitutional vision coordination
  14. Analyze your country’s public organizational behavior
  15. Abraham Lincoln’s prewar constitutional vision
  16. Inequality in post-conflict justice
  17. The distinction between political and armed warfare

Public law political science research topics

Choosing a good topic from the extensive list of political science research topics can be daunting. To make the work more accessible, we have compiled good public law political science research topics for you.

  1. 1998 Human rights act
  2. Renowned lawmakers from European legal history
  3. Common morality and criminal law
  4. Examine your nation’s constitution
  5. Complaints regarding civil liberties and national security
  6. Analysis of the arguments in judicial reviews
  7. Commercial exploitation or privacy law
  8. Police interrogation practices and socioeconomic preferences
  9. Custody disputes and psychology of gender bias
  10. Law relating to public safety interpretation of the law
  11. Justice inequality after a conflict
  12. British procedural law and private law distinctions
  13. Legal recourse for environmental population victims in Nigeria
  14. Public complaint commission’s role in protecting workers’ rights

Political science research topics about conflict resolution

From the list below, you will find political science research topics about conflict resolution for students.

  1. The foreign policy of the United States
  2. Conflict art in postwar countries
  3. Media bias in news coverage
  4. Conflicts among African American detainees
  5. Methods of collaboration in Afghanistan
  6. Distribution of Arctic power
  7. Personal goals of political leaders
  8. Conflicts in security leadership following 9/11
  9. Right- and left-wing parties compromise
  10. Oil conflict in Iran
  11. The cause and consequence of the Syrian conflict

Political science research topics about mediation and negotiation

  1. Social movements and volunteer work
  2. Care for hostages in other countries’ negotiations
  3. Legal problems with multinational corporations
  4. The permanent court of arbitration’s mediation process
  5. Ways to talk during a war
  6. American whistleblowers of today
  7. How to get ready for a mediation hearing
  8. Putting together clauses for arbitration and mediation
  9. Different ways to settle a dispute
  10. Mediation process of the international arbitration
  11. Tribunal for agricultural land disputes

Interesting political science research topics

  1. Australian social security issues
  2. Are a dictatorship and a monarchy the same thing?
  3. The British Columbian empire
  4. Study the political system of ancient Greece
  5. The growth of Boko Haram in Nigeria
  6. Investigate the India-China border dispute
  7. Talk about the expansion of ISIS in Afghanistan
  8. Colonialism in African countries
  9. Study of a totalitarian system of government
  10. Equality for women in politics
  11. Israel-Hamas hostilities

Comparative politics research paper topics

Below are comparative politics research paper topics you can use to write your political science research paper.

  1. A Study of Anglo-Saxon characteristics in the American government
  2. Hierarchy of the Chinese communist party
  3. The Soviet Union party comparison
  4. A behavioral approach vs. parliamentary democracy
  5. Vietnam war interests aggregation recruitment in developing countries
  6. Cultural pressures between japan and the united states

Current research topics in political science

  1. Evaluation by the Federal Emergency Management Agency
  2. Does religion influence society?
  3. Techniques for preventing corruption
  4. Comparison of European and American federal crimes
  5. Fundamental reforms in the legislative process
  6. Social reformations following the war
  7. The unitary governance model involves federalism in small amounts
  8. Can nationalism be regarded as an excellent historical leadership school?
  9. Marx and politics in the 20th century
  10. What impact does technology have on the voting procedure?
  11. Is technology necessary for the political culture of today?
  12. Fascism’s development both before and after World War II.
  13. How well-developed are institutions for free elections as a result of electoral reforms?
  14. How has American foreign policy affected 20th-century European politics?
  15. Current politics and environmental conflicts
  16. Modernization of world politics in the twenty-first century
  17. Changes brought about by technology to the voting process

Political conflicts topics

  1. Methods of conflict resolution in Yemen
  2. Conflicts between politics and religion in Afghanistan
  3. Mexico’s immigration crisis
  4. Protest movements and social networks
  5. The disagreement between Joe Biden and Donald Trump
  6. In political confrontations, free speech and hate speech coexist.
  7. Repression by the Syrian government
  8. Reagan’s political program
  9. Civil war causes and oddities
  10. The Donbas war: Russia’s aggression against Ukraine
  11. The most effective method of resolving a political conflict
  12. The Iraq conflict and the history of war crimes
  13. Use of propaganda techniques during political conflicts.
  14. The roots of the central African republic’s rebellion
  15. The conflict between the united states and china

Political theorist’s research topics

From the extensive list of political science research topics, you will get political theorists’ research topics like:

  1. Key figures in anarchism history
  2. Philosophy of Aristotle on the theory of governance
  3. Politics of agrarianism
  4. Examine – the republic according to Plato
  5. Classic theories of Edmund burke
  6. Theory of egalitarianism
  7. Theses of Frederic Bastia
  8. Theory of john Austin
  9. Jean Badin on sovereignty, liberty, and legal issues
  10. Phoenicians political philosophy
  11. In Eastern Europe, socialism coexisted alongside communism
  12. Foucault’s disciplinary authority
  13. Approach to Vladimir Lenin and communism investigate the topic of Zionism
  14. Descriptive political theory and contemporary political theory
  15. Karl Marx – the communist father
  16. Causes and peculiarities of the civil war
  17. Protest movement and social network
  18. Ukraine has divided: political forces are at work

Simple research topics in political science

  1. Political and armed conflict differences
  2. Corruption prevention techniques
  3. Social movements after the war
  4. Is religion a force in society?
  5. Implementing significant modifications to legal procedures
  6. Is it appropriate to pardon criminals?
  7. The unitary governance model bears characteristics of federalism.
  8. Comparing federal crimes in Europe and America
  9. Current leader’s prosecution for global interdependence
  10. Top-tier officials’ morals

Unique political science research topics

  1. Talk about the increase in global terrorism
  2. Amnesty international controversies
  3. S.-China relations
  4. Germany’s nationalistic effects
  5. North and South Korean relations
  6. Reviewing the relationship between Pakistan and India critically
  7. Agenda of the quad summit in 2021
  8. Power of the united nation’s areas
  9. Theories of geopolitics
  10. Parliamentary versus presidential democracy
  11. Japanese and American cultures are under pressure
  12. Russia’s ideology

Informative political science research paper topics

Our writers have compiled a list of politically fascinating and valuable informative political science research paper topics. Take a look at them below:

  1. Compare parliamentary and presidential democracy
  2. Discuss South African apartheid
  3. An in-depth examination of the politics of the Vietnam War
  4. The consequences of the Syrian conflict
  5. British Columbian imperialism
  6. African countries have experienced colonialism
  7. Discuss the Human Rights Act of 1998 and its consequences

Good political science research topics

The following is a list of good political science research topics:

  1. Examine the national politics of a chosen country
  2. Why is political science relevant to international relations?
  3. What confers legitimacy and power in a democracy?
  4. Describe the political system in your country
  5. You should contrast political science and traditional history
  6. American political conduct

Controversial topics for a political science research paper

  1. Discuss the indications of electoral fraud in the United States
  2. Gender equality in politics
  3. The global concern of climate change
  4. Politics and hollow promises
  5. The use of political influence
  6. In the United States, are politicians above the law?

In summary

You can select any topic from this blog article’s current political science research topics. When choosing a subject for your political research paper, always select the one you are familiar with.

Also, before completing your topic, check to see whether it includes reputable sources for reference. Remember that political science is contentious, so exercise caution when writing your research paper.