Public speaking is a skill that everyone should have, as communication is inevitable. Throughout your career or education, you must present a project or idea before an audience. We have some impressive commemorative speech ideas to help you deliver an outstanding speech. This article lists some of the best commemorative speech topics to help you develop an iconic speech.

Before settling on your topic, it is important always to understand the process of choosing good commemorative speech topics. We take this opportunity to present to you the steps you follow when selecting your topic. Continue reading this article to get more insights on how to write a flawless speech. 

How to choose good commemorative speech topics

It goes without saying that you should select your commemorative speech topic by keeping in mind your main occasion. Use the following tips to select your ideal discussion topic:

·         Develop a list of topics

Commemorative speeches are delivered according to a person’s mood on the occasion, so you must brainstorm appropriate and inspiring topics. It is challenging to keep your audience engaged if the speech does not influence you. You can always consult an expert or the internet if you get stuck. 

·         Compare your chosen topics 

You will discover a variety of discussion topics that might intrigue you and your audience after brainstorming and browsing through the internet. It is important to compare your choices before settling on the best. Always consider the tips below when selecting your topic:

  • There must be enough data related to your commemorative speech topic.
  • It must be appropriate for the ceremony.
  • Before deciding on a topic, understand your target audience.
  • You should be inspired by the topic as well.
  • It must be in your best interests.
  • Avoid potentially contentious topics.
  • The topic is related to the norms and beliefs of the people you deliver the speech to.
  • It should be interesting.
  • The audience must be positively affected.

·         Understand your target audience

Understanding who your audience is and what they expect from your speech is essential. To get a better understanding of your audience, consider the following:

  • What motivates them to listen to you?
  • What is common about your audience?
  • Have they experienced similar events, and what are they?
  • What do they expect from you?
  • What are their objectives?
  • Are you familiar with their culture and norms?

The above tips are your first steps to ensuring you deliver a first-class commemorative speech. After understanding these tips, you can begin writing your speech. Let’s dive into details on some of the commemorative speech topics you can use.

Elementary commemorative speech topics

  1. A Memorial ceremony to the United Nations: Fifty Years of Peacekeeping.
  2. A homage to Gorbachev hails the closure of the Cold War and the nuclear arms creed.
  3. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream has passed its apex.
  4. A tribute by recalling the overview of the Paris Agreement.
  5. Toni Morrison tribute.
  6. Remembering William Faulkner’s philosophy and his contributions through his books.
  7. Elizabeth Blackwell’s biography and how she emerged as the first female doctor.
  8. Appreciating the role of Roosevelt and Churchill in the U.S.
  9. Neil Armstrong Memorial: Tributes to the First Man to Walk on the Moon.
  10. Incidental service of hope that has informed spirits all over the world.
  11. Raise your voice to support “Kindness is the greatest gift for the needy who expects them most to survive.”
  12. Brilliant Social Media Campaigns that Change People’s Minds.
  13. Say hello to “How online food delivery boys work in lockdown and pandemic situations.”
  14. Say hello to “front-line workers in the medical and administrative service sectors.”
  15. Collaborate to form alliances and pursue peace and harmony.

Impressive ceremonial speech ideas

  1. Global Partnerships for National Sustainable Development.
  2. Renowned Drawings of All Time in Art History that baffled the world.
  3. Commemorating religious values that manifest in everyday life and improve the lives of many.
  4. A tribute to women who have enriched global political harmony.
  5. A Salute to National Heroes
  6. Show appreciation to teachers
  7. Frida Kahlo is remembered for her magnificently colored and unrelenting self-portraits.
  8. Recalling Nelson Mandela’s legacy and contributions
  9. Memorial to the Front-Line Workers who died while battling the COVID-19 pandemic
  10. Collaborating with philanthropists to make the world a better place to live
  11. Create awareness for equality and human rights for people from underprivileged backgrounds
  12. Memorializing the greatest technological breakthroughs
  13. Commemorating the development of life-saving drugs
  14. Memorial to the Freedom Fighters
  15. A homage to Barack Obama: Unquestionably one of the world’s most beloved men

Commemorative speech topics for college students

  1. A journey of joy and reminiscence of college days.
  2. Recognizing the top professors on campus.
  3. A Homage to Instructors Who Enlighten Through Education.
  4. Welcome speech to classes at the new student commencement ceremony.
  5. These technological advancements have made the world what it is today – Honoring all scientists.
  6. “Change Your Perception, Change Your Life” – A statement of support for educational systems.
  7. My Accomplishments | My University Victory. – Make your greeting.
  8. Memorial for all the people who died during the Covid-19 pandemic
  9. Honoring the greatest scientific discoveries and inventions of all time!
  10. Recognition of individuals who established opposition and abolition of the slave trade.
  11. Memorial to the world’s health workers who have died due to Covid-19.
  12. A Homage to the Researchers Who Discovered the Biomedical Engineers’ Roadmap.
  13. Memorial speech to victims of slavery and those affected by slave trade customs.
  14. Demonstrate the enormous progress made in actions and climate change mitigation.
  15. “Recognizing the Pearl Harbor attack 79 years later”- Send condolences to those who died.

Top examples of commemorative speech topics

  1. Commemorating the scientists who developed the first coronavirus vaccine.
  2. Congratulations to all OLIMPIC 2020 medal winners on their outstanding athletic achievements.
  3. ‘So many things to do in life,’ describe the coronavirus survivors in the United States.
  4. Commemorate Women’s Suffrage.
  5. “Progress Towards Gender Equality Under Threat”- Greetings to all activists working to achieve equality.
  6. A homage to Nobel Peace Prize winners: Michael Houghton, 2020 Nobel Laureate (Medicine)
  7. Recognition for Nobel Peace Prize winners for their contributions to the “World Food Program.”
  8. Sustainable Earth: Commemorate the work of a Saviour in Disaster Relief.
  9. Honor the activists who work against the myth “catastrophes can alter the course of civilization”.
  10. Recognizes world leaders who have called for the promotion of reconciliation by ensuring human rights in war-torn countries.
  11. Commemorate Motherhood
  12. In honor of all the brave hearts who have given their lives to protect their country.
  13. Recognize social workers and people who do charitable work.
  14. Congratulations to all Creatives Fighting Poverty and World Hunger.

Ideas for commemorative speeches related to social rights

  1. Recognize and celebrate the empowerment of women and gender equality.
  2. Recognizing Tenacity: Recognize those who have fought for women’s survival.
  3. Honor soldiers who bravely responded to terrorist attacks.
  4. Heroes who sacrifice their lives to save nations are remembered.
  5. Recall the legendary individual who instructed us on Character Strengths and Mindfulness.
  6. 150 years of LGBT+ historical documentation: expressing gratitude to the past, present, and future.
  7. LGBT Rights | Thank you, Representative Carolyn Maloney.
  8. Paying Homage to the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations
  9. Recognizing philanthropists who work to enhance social health and welfare
  10. Recognizing the American Civil Liberties Union’s efforts to defend LGBTQ rights.

Eye-catching commemorative speech topics

  1. Styles of leadership used in the Education system to express greetings.
  2. Honoring all scientists by commemorating World Science Day for Peace and Development.
  3. Recognize the significance of science and innovation in future design. – Wish all scientists a happy birthday.
  4. A Homage to Mom: A Memorial service for Your Mother: Guidance and Care.
  5. Honoring teachers who have influenced us and even transformed our lives.
  6. Our favorite television personalities and the morals they represent.
  7. Moral lessons from television shows that shaped our lives.
  8. Aristotle and Politics Homage – For the Constitutional Rights Foundation.
  9. Athletics as a source of character and moral advancement.
  10. Recognize the athletes who unveiled the Core Values of Team Spirit.

Funny commemorative speech examples

  1. A tribute to Mr. Bean and his ability to make the world happier.
  2. Send your best wishes to the Top Most Nostalgic TV Cartoons from Your Childhood.
  3. Lights, Chaplin, Action! Pay respect to Charlie Chaplin for his incredible contribution.
  4. Recall the first time you made chocolate cakes.
  5. Recall High School Sweethearts’ Secrets to Lasting Relationships.
  6. I am eternally excited about my school picnic.
  7. Remember your first greeting, “Will you marry me card”- wedding proposals to your love.
  8. Honoring the animator behind the “Tom and Jerry” TV series.
  9. Commemorate the film director of “The Lost World: Jurassic Park publication. “‘s
  10. Mark Ruffalo and the Russo brothers’ “Avengers: Endgame” gift.
  11. Reminiscing about Culinary School award-winning moments.
  12. Honoring Charlie Chaplin for his significant contribution to the world of comedy.
  13. Honoring the witty and inventive minds behind Cartoon Network
  14. 14 Childhood Reminiscences
  15. Remembering the first day of school
  16. Remembering the childhood sweetheart after discovering him on social media platforms

Commemorative speech on a famous person

  1. A student leader with outstanding leadership abilities.
  2. Thank your mother for raising you in the best possible way.
  3. Remembering the kindergarten teacher who instilled discipline in you.
  4. Television programs that impacted our morals and values.
  5. Wrestling champions who represent tenacity.
  6. The involvement of a well-known priest in bringing society together.
  7. This a tribute to one of my favorite college neighbors.
  8. When you contributed to your family affairs with your first paycheck.
  9. Sharing your most memorable trip abroad with your fellow employees
  10. Charlie Chaplin’s involvement in the comedy industry.
  11. How have human inventions influenced the world?
  12. Becoming a teacher to guide children on the right path.
  13. A celebration of loyalty based on real-life examples.
  14. The day of your sports team’s first victory.
  15. The wedding of a close relative.
  16. A celebration of the foundations of modern civilization.
  17. The first time you saw your potential spouse.
  18. Pay homage to moral courage by using a historical figure or a living person as an example.
  19. A brave individual saved lives.
  20. Personal advancement and self-improvement.

Latest Commemorative Speech Ideas

  1. Kindness is a subject matter that can be used to select a topic for a memorial speech.
  2. Many individuals embody the value of selflessness.
  3. A commemoration speech topic related to the “At Pearl Harbor” discussion.
  4. How did the printing press contribute to the worldwide advancement of knowledge, ideas, and education?
  5. You can commemorate the virtues and examples of a strong work ethic.
  6. Loyalty: You may choose to recall the person who has been a core component of your life or the lives of others.
  7. Academic achievement influenced your outlook on life.
  8. George Washington’s life teaches us values and virtues.
  9. Remembering medical professionals who fought the coronavirus epidemic valiantly, medical engineers’ achievements in the field of medicine
  10. Remembering to support crusaders working to abolish the slave trade.
  11. A case study of the World Cup champions demonstrates the value of collaboration.
  12. Illustrating the World Health Organization’s enormous progress
  13. Recalling personal achievements that have impacted your life to this day


For memorial speeches, the only constraints are those you place on yourself. Ultimately, all we can do is follow our hearts and remember that we have a message to impart to our listeners. Delivering empty words in a speech only keeps your audience bored. You can easily avoid this by using the list of commemorative speech topics above. 

At, we have professionals who can help you write a flawless commemorative speech. Share your instructions with us today to connect with the best online writers.