Essay writing might excite you naturally, but to some, it can be daunting. Your time at university won’t be complete unless you write many essays, regardless of whether you love it or hate it. But the question is, how do you write an A+ essay? Read on to find out.

It is through learning how to write an excellent essay that the process can become pleasurable and improve your ability in terms of organize and communicating your ideas.

Main stages of writing an essay

Most students mistakenly believe that writing an essay means putting your thoughts on paper and submitting it. That’s not exactly the case.

An essay could be written in three main stages, each with a unique goal. The writing process of the essay is, of course, its most significant component, but the other two steps are equally vital. So, how do you write an A+ essay? by following these stages;

·         Thorough preparation

Before you attempt to write even a single word, it’s necessary to plan out your essay’s subject and structure. Preparation will give you the foundation for your essay and make writing your essay much simpler.

·         Writing process

The writing process takes the longest time. You will structure your essay and write down your opinions and thoughts. You’ll focus on refining and expanding your thoughts throughout the introduction, body, and conclusion.

·         Revision

You will need to review your essay one last time and make a few adjustments. You should check your essay’s consistency, the logic and relevance of each point, and the citation and support of your facts. Additionally, you can look for formatting, grammatical, and punctuation issues.

A step-by-step guide to writing an A+ essay

Writing an essay isn’t as challenging as it may seem. If you want to write essays but don’t know where to begin, this guide will answer the ‘how do you write an A+ essay’ question. We’ll walk you through each step of the essay-writing process.

·         Understand the question

The first important phase in composing an essay for a project is ensuring you have thoroughly read and comprehended the assignment.

You should ensure you grasp the topic, the style of the essay that is instructed, and any structural or formatting standards. You may get penalized and lose marks if you don’t understand the assignment properly.

·         Select a topic and research

Start your research once you have a clear understanding of your project. You can start looking at various sources at this step to gain ideas for the points you wish to make throughout your essay.

Gather as many research materials as possible by conducting an online search or going to the library. It’s advisable to start with a wide variety of sources before focusing on a fewer number as your essay’s topic becomes clearer, although you don’t have to utilize them all.

·         Start brainstorming

There are different approaches to beginning a brainstorming session. Here are some steps that you may find useful.

  1. Identify the elements of your research that most caught your attention.
  2. Write down all of your thoughts, even if they aren’t fully formed yet 
  3. Create word clouds or mind maps to combine phrases or ideas collectively based on their similarity
  4. Try freewriting to get all your ideas out before sorting them

·         Write your thesis statement

A thesis statement refers to the argument your essay is attempting to present. You might wonder, how do you write an A+ essay thesis statement? There is no other magic to it. You need to write it first and support it with whatever you write in your essay.

It is the most critical task since you need to construct a compelling thesis that you will support throughout the paper. As a result, you should choose a thesis statement that is wide enough to discuss it enough and not too broad that you can’t be specific.

·         Write an essay outline

By now, you must have decided what position to take and what to write. But is it enough to start writing? Not quite yet.

Think of it like constructing a building. You wouldn’t start with building each room independently; instead, you would begin by constructing the structure, foundation, and interiors. Here, you need to figure out an A+ essay format.

In your outline, your thesis statement should appear at the beginning, after which you can begin developing the basic foundation for your essay. The best strategy for writing an essay is to utilize the topic sentences.

 A topic sentence is the opening sentence of a new paragraph. It functions as a mini-thesis statement. The essay’s main idea is introduced in this sentence and will be discussed throughout the paragraph.

Your format should portray something like the following;

  • Introduction
  • Thesis statement
  • Introduce main points
  • Main point
  • Sub-points 
  • Main point
  • Sub-points
  • Main point
  • Sub-points
  • Conclusion
  • Restate thesis statement
  • Summarize main points

Although this might seem like a lot of work before you attempt to write, doing all this preparation work upfront removes uncertainty and hassle during the writing process. It acts as a road map to help you stay on course as you compose your essay.

·         Write your body paragraphs

You have performed your research and have an outline. But you still wonder, how do you write an A+ essay? Now it is time to write the actual outline. Using the format, you prepared, write your body paragraphs.

Understandably, your initial attempt at writing an essay may not be as excellent as you wish. Each student’s writing approach is different. Some students prefer to write their essays in the traditional introduction, body, and conclusion format. Others would begin with the “meat” of the essay, then the body, and write the other sections later.

·         Proofread and edit

Now you are almost through with your first essay. You must be excited already. The work doesn’t stop there, though. It is time to start editing the essay to make it as flawless as possible.

Editing and revision are crucial to writing an essay, yet most students tend to overlook this step. If you don’t know what editing and proofreading can do to a paper, you can ask our experts to show you an A+ essay sample before and after editing.

After writing your first essay, put it aside for a few hours or even some days so that you can review it when you return to it. You can discover errors or inconsistencies you omitted or more effective methods to present your arguments. Editing an A+ essay is as important as writing it.

·         Ask for feedback

Once you are done writing and editing, you need to hear what someone else says about your essay. Research indicates that receiving feedback on your writing assignments helps you develop. However, the majority of essay writing projects don’t give you a chance to do so.

Before submitting your essay, look for insightful criticism from other sources, or you can ask your instructor to review your work.

If you cannot find help either from your instructor or online, you can try to exchange your work with a colleague.

·         Format your sources

Someone might ask you; how do you write an A+ essay? By keenly following the above procedure and formatting your sources. This is the final phase of writing your essay. By doing this, you will have already included all your sources and won’t have to worry about reformatting your in-text citation.

Essay writing tips

Here are some helpful tips for writing an A+ essay. Following these tips can help you write faster and more effectively.

·         Write your essay early

This is the first stage of writing an essay. It is one of the most critical aspects you can do to produce a good essay. You won’t have enough time to research, brainstorm, and outline if you begin it the night before.

·         Avoid writing in one sitting

You might need to write in bits or even over several days. It is acceptable. It’s easier to write it over several sessions so that you can concentrate and have a clear mind each time.

·         Always remember the topic of the essay

You should constantly remember the topic when writing your essay to ensure that you consistently attempt to respond to the provided question.

·         Use transitions between paragraphs

Try to make logical transitions between paragraphs to make your article easier to read. Connect the end of one to the start of the next to make the transition between paragraphs seem less unpredictable.

·         Add credible references

Use references or quotations from your research materials to substantiate your thesis and significant claims. This will illustrate that you conducted the study and that the findings support your argument.

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Bottom line

Hopefully, by now, you can answer how you write an A+ essay question on your own. As you’ve seen above, producing a good essay takes a simple procedure. Click here if you need more essay examples.