Essay writing is expected at both high school and college institutional levels. Before winning admission to the Ivy League University, an admission officer requires a student to write a short essay expressing themselves and why they are interested in pursuing their career of interest in that institution. A short essay can also be written when applying for a scholarship or as a classroom assignment.

A short essay usually consists of up to five hundred words. Like more extended essays such as descriptive or argumentative, a short essay must include an introduction, body, and conclusion section. Depending on the instructor’s guidelines, you may also be required to research and collect scholarly materials to support your argument.

The word ‘short essay’ may make you assume the writing process is easy. It might be a challenge for you as a beginner because you need to familiarize yourself with some of the writing standards for academic papers. In that case, you can seek professional guidance by typing “How to write a short essay” on your search engine or directly contacting us via the number we provided on our website.

What is considered a Short Essay

The assignment of writing a short essay leaves students wanting to understand what is considered a short essay. A short essay definition is an essay with 250-500 words. Sometimes they extend beyond that, depending on the instructor’s requirements. That means a short essay can take more than three pages when typewritten. The question “How long is a short essay?” depends on the content you feed in your essay.

A short essay example is an admission essay. This is an essay that high school students write seeking to join a college or university. Since this essay type consists of typical components, you might not be required to input some external sources to support your argument. The goal is to be concise, clear and focused on the main point.

Other than admission essays, all other kinds of short essays are written to answer a question related to the course or a topic. Unlike more extended essays, a short essay deadline period is shorter. Mostly a day or a few hours. That means you will have limited time to research, draft, edit, proofread, and revise. If you have other urgent projects, it might be challenging to balance. You can hire an expert from to offer help with your essay assignment.

How to Write a Short Essay

Regardless of your essay length, remember the whole writing process is the same. Ensure that your short essay introduction and conclusion sections take at most a paragraph each. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to write a short essay.

Choose a relevant topic and research. Consider the following before picking a topic for your short essay.

Identify the topic by carefully reading the instructions

Read the instructions carefully as you underline the keywords. Ensure you understand what you are required to write about so that you can choose a good thesis statement. If you need help understanding the prompt, approach your instructor for further explanation. The kind of topic you choose will determine the reader’s interest in reading your piece. Hence it should be brief, precise, and exciting.

 Choose one arguable point for your short essay

In short essays, you will have to focus on a single point of discussion throughout the paper. If the topic is broad, you will have to narrow it down to a subject you are interested in discussing. That will prevent you from writing bulky content.

When arguing your point, ensure that your words and tone are professional, clear, and exciting. If you pose a question, answer it before proceeding to the next section of your short essay.

Find appropriate sources

You can look for relevant scholarly materials in your course books, library, or online database. From the materials, look for one or two sources that are relevant to your topic. Students will likely leave these research sources out when writing admission and graduate essays.

It isn’t easy to look for secondary sources in timed essays. You get information from the books and texts you have read in and out of the classroom and write based points derived from any of them.

Ensure that you use information from reliable sources online. Focus on websites that publish information for non-business purposes. Websites that publish blogs are most likely biased and hence unreliable for your essay.

Short Essay Composition

Create a plan

Before you begin the writing process, ensure you create an outline to guide you in organizing each section of your short essay. You can use numerals or alphabets to mark your paragraphs and use a phrase or sentence to note the main points for each section. Ensure you note down the relevant scholarly materials that you will use in each paragraph.

Write an arguable and convincing thesis

A good thesis statement should be convincing and arguable. A weak or obvious thesis makes it hard for the writer to focus on the argument around it. The thesis statement should fully demonstrate the writer’s stand in the short essay.

Introduce your essay

A specific statement about the topic is an excellent way to capture the reader’s attention. Clearly and concisely explain your topic and why you are excited to write about it. Give an example of the evidence you will use and write your thesis statement to declare your standpoint before concluding your introduction paragraph.

Write a single paragraph for the introduction and conclusion

As you introduce your topic, let the reader know why it is important to you and write a thesis statement, ensure you use simple and short sentences. Use at most six sentences to introduce your short essay. When concluding, briefly restate your main point and summarize the evidence you used to remind the reader. That should take a maximum of four sentences.

Use body paragraphs to argue your key points 

A body paragraph should contain three sections. Each section should state and provide evidence for one main idea. You can use your analysis, citations, and quotes from the gathered sources to prove the claim.

Strengthen your claims

You can add information collected from books, articles, magazines, and other materials. Briefly quote the relevant source and cite it to avoid being penalized for plagiarism. You can also quote from a passage you read in the classroom.

Give the draft to someone to read

After writing a short essay, spotting errors and mistakes you could have made takes work. We advise you to give the draft to a friend, sibling, classmate, or instructor to read over it. You can as well approach our expert to assist with that. Ask them to point out any sections or sentences that didn’t make sense. We provide proofreading and editing services such as short essay format to students.

Alternatively, we will review your paper, highlight all the errors and mistakes, offer constructive criticism, and give you short essay format examples that will guide you in formatting your final paper according to the instructions and in line with the academic paper writing standards.

If your short essay writing is timed, you will read through your paper keenly as you focus on identifying and rectifying spelling, grammatical or structural mistakes. After correcting, reread the sentence to ensure it makes sense.

Make a final copy

Once you have proofread, edited, and revised your draft, make a final copy without adjusting information from the previous one. If you are writing a classroom essay, it might be challenging to make more than one copy; hence you can edit the draft and submit it after revising it thoroughly. Ensure your paper is well-formatted. For instance, if asked to use Apa format short essay, don’t use MLA or any other format.

Condensing Your Essay 

Only quote relevant sources

When citing primary and secondary sources, ensure you go for those that relate to your topic of discussion. Only a source that you are sure of.

Remove redundancy

You must only write the necessary information to keep your essay within the word count. Avoid filler words, especially when writing a college application essay. You can remove adjectives, generalizations, adverbs, long phrases, and clichés so that your essay can fit within the given word count.

Use active voice to write short sentences

Try to keep your sentences short, clear, and straight to the point as much as possible. Express your main ideas directly.

Choose the most relevant points for your essay.

Your essay topic may be broad, and if you are excited to write about it, you might be tempted to present several arguments. In short essays, this is limited because it will put you over the required word count.

To avoid such an occurrence, narrow your topic and focus on the most compelling argument. Present the best evidence to support your claim

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