You will be required to write various nursing essay assignments during your nursing program. Essays are important when applying for nursing programs and communicating theoretical knowledge in a nursing career. Nursing essay writing can be challenging, requiring technical knowledge and proper research, and must be conveyed clearly. This article will teach you how to write a nursing essay, various nursing essay topics, and examples.

What is a nursing essay?

A nursing essay is a piece of academic writing which showcase your knowledge about a particular topic. It can be used in the application process in a nursing school, to test your knowledge in a nursing program, or to advance your career by highlighting important issues in a case. Nursing essays for students are highly academic and are written for a knowledgeable audience. A good nursing essay should be clear, concise, informative, and educative. 

Steps for writing a nursing essay

To start your essay, read the instructions carefully and ensure you understand what is required. The following are steps that you should follow while writing an essay;

  1. Study the requirement of the essay

It would be best if you went through the instructions and requirements before writing your essay to ensure that you understand what you are required to write. Check the formatting requirement, word count, content, and deadline to plan your time to finish, edit, and submit.

  1. Brainstorm and choose a topic

If not provided in the assignment, choose a topic for your essay. Choose an interesting topic that will grab your readers’ attention. Your topic will influence the writing process; hence choose a topic you are passionate about to enhance the flow of ideas.

Tips for choosing a good topic for your essay;

  • Check ideas on the internet
  • Ensure that the topic interest you, which will make your essay more engaging
  • Your topic should not be too broad or too narrow
  • Ensure you can find information about your topic
  • Your topic should be relevant to the subject
  • Your topic should be interesting and relevant to your audience
  1. Do research

Conduct extensive research on the topic to collect as much information as possible from various sources. You can either search online or in the library. Be organized while researching to make it easy to cite sources when writing your final draft. Research while taking notes to avoid missing out on any important detail you research.

  1. Writing a thesis statement

Coming up with a great thesis statement means putting the entire argument in one sentence, which is time-consuming. Ensure you have enough time to refine your thesis because it will guide you while writing the entire essay. A thesis statement should identify the topic, the claim, and the main point you will use to support your claim.

A good thesis statement should;

  • Be brief and informative
  • Be logic
  • Be explained and supported in the rest of the paper
  • Summarize your arguments and clearly state your opinion on the issue
  • Require more analysis and evidence to support it
  1. Make an outline

Make an outline of your essay which contains what you are going to talk about in your essay. An outline will help you ensure that your paper is well organized, logical, and properly flows. Consider the following tips while writing an outline;

  • Start with a thesis statement in the introduction.
  • Write a topic sentence for each body paragraph which will helps you know what to include in your paragraphs.
  • Your paragraphs should not contain too many ideas which may confuse the reader.
  • Use transitions between paragraphs to enhance the flow of ideas
  • Each paragraph should contain facts from your research and be tied to your thesis to create a cohesive essay.
  1. Write the final draft

Write a clear and cohesive essay based on your outline. Re-read and edit your essay to make sure it sounds how you want it to. Consider the tips below while writing your essay;

  • Revise the essay to ensure it’s clear and consistent.
  • Ensure that the information in your paragraph supports your thesis
  • Each paragraph should have a topic sentence that informs the reader what the rest of the paragraph will discuss.
  • Connect your paragraphs with transition words which ensure that your essay has a flow.
  • The introduction and conclusion should clarify what your essay is about.
  1. Proofread and edit

Finally, go through the entire essay correcting mistakes. Check and correct technical errors, grammar, punctuation, run-off sentences, wordiness, and spelling mistakes.

Nursing essay structure

The tone and style of nursing essays are more formal and academic than other essays. The structure of the essay starts with an introduction, then three body paragraphs, and ends with a conclusion.

  1. Nursing essay introduction

An introduction sets up your argument and tells the reader what to expect. The goals of an introduction are; to catch the readers’ attention, give a background of your topic, and present your thesis statement. The first sentence should be a hook that could be an interesting fact or question which grabs the readers’ interest and make them want to continue reading.

Next, provide the background information that helps the reader understand what the essay will be about and what kind of information they need. Then end your introduction with a thesis statement that explains the purpose of your paper, your argument, your claim, or what you want to persuade your reader about. Ensure that your thesis fits the topic and is supported with evidence in the body paragraph.

  1. Nursing essay body paragraphs

Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence that states what the paragraph will be about. The next sentence should explain what the information relates to the thesis statement. Present cited evidence from reputable sources in the rest of the body paragraphs. Explain the evidence with examples, data, or quotes from relevant sources, and show how it helps develop your argument.

 End your paragraph with a transition sentence to enhance readability and cohesiveness. Each paragraph should explore one supportive point because too much information can confuse the reader. All information should be relevant to the topic sentence and support your thesis statement.

  1. Nursing essay conclusion

The conclusion is the essay’s final paragraph and should be exact and consistent. Summarize the main point and the strongest piece of evidence. It should be memorable or impactful and leave the reader with a strong final expression. Your conclusion should return to your thesis, outline your main points, and show why your argument matters.

Nursing essay topics

We have compiled a list of various nursing essay topics below that you may consider while writing your essay in nursing;

Best essay topics in nursing

  1. Nursing theories: comparison and analysis
  2. Nursing communication process
  3. Course evaluation methods in nursing education
  4. Importance of evidence-based practice in nursing
  5. Cultural competence in nursing
  6. Nursing shortage and nurse turnover
  7. Workplace violence in nursing practice
  8. Benefits of sterilized nursing environment
  9. Family health assessment in community health nursing
  10. Role and value of transition models

Good nursing essay topics

  1. Nursing management and leadership
  2. The family health assessment in nursing practice
  3. Global poverty and nursing intervention
  4. Using new technology in nursing practice
  5. Causes, consequence, and solution to the nursing shortage
  6. Nursing informatics and the use of electronic health records
  7. History and changes of nursing in Israel
  8. Pros and cons of nursing care delivery models
  9. Legal, moral, and ethical dilemmas in nursing
  10. Nursing philosophy and developing factors

Hot nursing essay topics

  1. Palliative care and humanistic nursing theory
  2. Bridging the gap in nursing education
  3. Benefits of scatter plots in nursing research
  4. The impact of evidence-based practice in nursing
  5. Role of nursing in treatment and care planning
  6. Nursing technology and education transition
  7. Implementation of IOM future in nursing
  8. Impact of health insurance policy on nursing
  9. Principles of holistic nursing care
  10. Strategies of conflict resolution in nursing

Nursing essay example

Title: Role of Communication in Nursing

Communication is vital in nursing as it facilitates the improvement of outcomes and facilitates effective teamwork. Information is needed from the patient when carrying out nursing to achieve the best. Patients might not be ready to release some vital information without good communication with the nurse. For the patient to be truthful while releasing information, they must be assured that the information is safe.

Additionally, I have learned that communication is beneficial as it facilitates teamwork among nursing practitioners. Through communication, nurses can plan how to carry out activities to achieve patient care. Communication also enables the division of labor among nurses to achieve the best outcome. The nurse team leader depends on communication to create a good working structure among the nurses.

I have also learned that nurses can create a good rapport with patients, families, friends, and other caregivers through effective communication. When the patient is subjected to homecare before they recover fully, communication is necessary to achieve smooth continuity of care. Here, the nurse provides information on what is needed and requests any information they might want from the patient.

How to write a reflective essay in nursing?

A reflective essay is a form of academic writing expressing your thoughts, feelings, and experience about an event. As a nursing student, you will have the assignment to compose a reflective nursing essay which helps to practice your skills and expand your knowledge. A reflective essay will help you understand practical situations and studies through real-life experiences

A reflective essay helps identify problems and show professional concerns as you find a solution. It helps you learn from an event and builds critical thinking and reasoning skills. The purpose of reflective writing is to;

  • Analyze and conclude what you’ve read, heard, or seen.
  • Make a connection between the text and yourself
  • Think about what you have learned and how you will apply the information
  • Write from your point of view and identify your interest

Elements of a reflective essay

The following are elements of a reflective nursing essay;

  1. Introduction

The introduction explains the essay’s purpose and tells the reader what to expect. The introduction should have a clear and concise thesis statement that reflects your position.

  1. Description

Describe the situation that happened at the workplace using the right term. Include only the most important and variable details that matter to the audience.

  1. Feelings

This section deals with your personal feeling about the situation. Include how you reacted to the situation and managed to control your emotions.

  1. Evaluation

In this section, discuss your experience with the situation and what skills and knowledge you have gained from the experience.

  1. Analysis

Describe how the situation affected you, the outcome, what you learned, and what you would do differently next time. Analyze the positive and negative results to help you know what to do or not do in a similar situation.

  1. Conclusion

In the conclusion section, explain both positive and negative experiences of the situation and the skills you will need to handle such situations in the future.

  1. Action plan

After the entire experience, think about the areas you need to improve on to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future. You should develop an action plan based on your experience, which can help you for future reference. Explain the most effective approach and changes that can lead to improvement.

Nursing essay writing service

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Wrap up

Writing a nursing essay can be challenging and requires technical knowledge and proper research. A good nursing essay should be clear, concise, informative, and educative. Use the guide in this blog to select a good nursing essay topic and write an excellent essay in nursing.