Is it time to work on your proposal essay, and you don’t know where to start?  Worry no more. At; we got you covered.  This guide will explain how to begin writing a proposal essay that will earn you the desired grade. We will also provide you with an informative list of proposal essay topics, help you will understand how to choose a good topic, structure your paper, and ensure that it is persuasive and well-written.

We will discuss different examples of proposal essay topics with relevant solutions. Our guide has covered various ideas for proposal papers. Let’s begin by defining by discussing the definition of a proposal argument essay.

What is a proposal argument essay?

It is a form of argumentative essay where a solution to a challenge is proposed. A proposal essay can be written to an academic audience, such as your instructor or classmates, or a more general audience, like a government agency or business.

To write a good paper, you must select relevant research paper topics for a proposal essay that you are passionate about and for which you are aware of the problem. For instance, if you are interested in environmental challenges, you may choose a topic related to plastic pollution. For an education-related topic, you may research the current school system’s challenges.

Once you have chosen your proposal topic, you can conduct online research to gather relevant information for your paper. This will also assist you in identifying evidence to support your conclusions. After completing your research, you can now begin writing your paper.

List of 100 good proposal essay topics

Writing a proposal essay can be a pain in the neck task if you find an ideal discussion topic. The purpose of a proposal essay is to conduct research and select an engaging topic. The list of proposal paper topics below is organized by category for our audience, making it easy to find one that interests you.

Proposal essay topics on education

The topic of education contains numerous problems and solutions which conflict between old and new ideas.  Some may attempt to provide students with more opportunities and chances, while others concentrate on favoring professors. You are free to pick a side and investigate the topics listed below.

  1. How can science-based educational television programs gain adequate resources and media exposure?
  2. Why is learning native languages essential in all courses?
  3. Tips to help to enhance a student’s reading comprehension and make them to easily understand the context
  4. In school, the most viable innovators were labeled as irrational which led to them being recognized as pioneers who took risks. As an instructor, should allow students to fail and learn from the errors they have made?
  5. The existing student assessment system is convenient for grading, but it can be improved through the use of strategies.
  6. How, then, should students’ performance be graded?
  7. What are methods that guardians, educators, and the community use to empower more students to pursue a science education?
  8. How can instructors create awareness about sex education in schools and colleges?
  9. As a professor, how can you identify and deal with bullying in schools?
  10. What strategies can be implemented to help improve foreign language instructions?

Psychology proposal essay topics

Here are ten topic proposals for self-improvement and psychology to get you started:

  1. Overcoming Procrastination
  2. Anxiety management
  3. Strategies for stress management
  4. What are the benefits of meditation
  5. The contribution of therapy to personal growth
  6. How to Set and Accomplish Excellent Goals
  7. Overcoming Negative Thinking
  8. Increasing self-assurance
  9. Managing Envy
  10. Strategies for overcoming jealousy

Proposal essay topics on social issues and social life

Below are ten informative social life topics to help you get started with your essay:

  1. How to Stop Violence in Your Neighborhood
  2. The involvement of the media in shaping society
  3. Measures of dealing with drug and substance addiction
  4. The issue of homelessness
  5. Understanding the causes of domestic violence
  6. Abuse among the elderly
  7. Abuse of children
  8. Human trafficking
  9. The increase in illegal immigration during the COVID pandemic
  10. Animal abuse

Environment proposal essay topics

Environmental issues are being discussed everywhere, making this list the most relevant to today’s audience. A well-thought-out essay can include vast information related to recent studies.

  1. What can ordinary people do to aid in the fight against global warming and climate changes? What is the role of the government?
  2. To effectively implement change the environment change, we must begin by changing our local surrounding. What actions can you take to improve the surrounding globally?
  3. Should the dairy and meat industries be prohibited from exploiting animals? Is encouraging everyone to become a vegan the only strategy to safeguard animal’s rights?
  4. Strategies to deal with outdated social lifestyles
  5. How can we lower the high rates of pregnancy among teenagers?
  6. What changes should be made to sex education classes to reduce the number of pregnancies among teenagers?
  7. If vegans expect others to respect their choices, why can’t they do the same for others? What strategies can be used to address this problem?
  8. Should dog bite legislation be more precise? For instance, should pit bulls be prohibited, or should more awareness be paid to the education of dog owners instead?
  9. What is the best solution to the plastic bag challenge?
  10. How can nations inspire riding of bicycles in short-distance travel?

Technology proposal essay topics

Technology and the Internet have significantly impacted society and the advanced generation, making it the most innovative. Topics on this subject can vary, giving a student diverse options.

  1. Measures that can be used to lessen people’s reliance on technology
  2. Method that can be used to teach children how to use the Internet responsibly?
  3. How to safeguard your identity and protect yourself from online fraud.
  4. How can businesses and consumers improve the security of more sensitive information?
  5. What measures should guardians and professsors effectively implement to the abolition of cyberbullying?
  6. Problems with cybercrime and how to prevent it.
  7. Are technological advancements in our libraries beneficial to student research?
  8. Is wireless technology less expensive?
  9. Do you believe teachers in the United States rely too heavily on technology?
  10. Is technology progressing at an alarming rate and causing harm to society?

Proposal essay topics on law and justice

Below is a list of ten high-level and applicable law and justice topics to get you started:

  1. Pros and Cons of the Death Sentence
  2. The problem of forced allegations
  3. Managing Sexual Harassment Lawsuits
  4. The problem of police brutality
  5. Racial prejudice in the criminal justice system
  6. There is the issue of mass incarceration.
  7. How fair is our existing immigration system?
  8. Do you believe that more stringent gun control laws are necessary?
  9. Is it time to raise the legal drinking age?
  10. Should marijuana be made legal?

Proposal essay topics on economy

Here is a list of economic proposal paper topics to help you complete your project:

  1. The issue of income disparity
  2. The problem of global job sourcing
  3. How can the American economy be improved?
  4. The Federal Reserve’s involvement in the economy
  5. The issue of trade imbalances
  6. Should the minimum wage be increased?
  7. Is capitalism the most influential economic system?
  8. What is the most effective way to reduce unemployment rates?
  9. Should the financial sector be more strictly regulated?
  10. The duty of the Federal Reserve’s

Proposal essay topics on culture and literature

Cultural topics include more than just modern living and traditions. Bullying, discrimination, tolerance, and broader issues like racism or fascism are all appropriate. It would be best to exercise extreme caution because these topics are susceptible.

  1. Traditional family virtues versus bread and circus customs.
  2. Various actions that parents can take to ensure that their child respects others.
  3. How can parents instill humility rather than entitlement in their children?
  4. What steps can the government or society take to reduce homelessness in the United States?
  5. How can the government reduce the prevalence of discrimination against ethnic minorities?
  6. How can we encourage more respectful behavior in American society?
  7. Intolerant behavior leads to erratic, racist, and fascistic habits. Various measures are being taken to put a stop to these actions.
  8. Volatile habits are embraced, while morality is regarded as outdated and unacceptable. How can things be changed?
  9. These days, there are so many professionals and so much bad behavior among children. Steps to be taken to help make things right.
  10. What can be done to address the media’s moral degradation?

Proposal essay topics on business

We can confidently say that business culture is currently dominating the world, bringing many problems and concerns into everyday life while also creating unrealistic expectations. Everyone is already engaged in business, whether you are a businessman with a large factory or a customer at your local grocery store.

  1. What measures should be taken to smaller companies from global recession?
  2. What measures should be taken to the deterioration of trust that has contributed to the failure of the American corporate field?
  3. What initiatives should be taken to promote small businesses and help them avoid devastation form large corporations.
  4. Should customers have the obligation to expose abuse from companies that deceive clients?
  5. How can the issue of unemployment be addressed effectively?
  6. How can parents most effectively educate their children more about earning and spending money?
  7. What measures can be implemented to prevent skilled instructors from quitting their jobs?
  8. Staff members should be allowed to use their personal emails at work or everyone should have a personal email?
  9. What is the answer to youth unemployment?
  10. Is bankruptcy always an option?

History proposal essay topics

Your unique perspective on historical background is worth sharing. You can discover something of interest in the list below or modify the topics following your passion, making it about your country or city.

  1. What strategies were used by powerful female leaders like Jeanne d’Arc influence societal evolution?
  2. A summary of the most important historical events that impacted the modern world.
  3. Would the result of WWII have been better if the opposing side had won?
  4. How was slavery abolished and its effect to the United States? Did it have a different impact than other states?
  5. What is Karl Marx’s societal impact? How have his writings been misused by apparently communist parties, movements, rebellions, and nations?
  6. Describe the factors that contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire?
  7. Did the 1960s hippie culture stabilize drug use around the world?
  8. The effect of Roman society’s gender norms.

Proposal essay topics on politics and government

Select topics most relevant to the country where you currently reside. You can investigate the challenge of strengthening your city’s political climate, develop a groundbreaking new idea, and get people engaged.

  1. What policies should be implemented to avert the next economic downturn?
  2. What could be done to improve the electoral system’s effectiveness?
  3. How can other countries and parties be prevented from interfering in US elections?
  4. Does espionage law infringe on free speech? Should it be prohibited or improved?
  5. How can the government handle illegal immigration more effectively?
  6. How can the government improve the effectiveness of welfare, Medicaid, and Social Security programs?
  7. Actions to be taken to improve conditions for US veterans.
  8. Should all prisoners be allowed to vote, or only those on probation and those who have already served their sentences?
  9. What steps should be taken to reduce the national debt?
  10. Should people use credit to buy so many things? What can be done to combat the debt culture?

Proposal argument essay topics on art and music

This list includes the largest and most multicultural topics; it is more appropriate for hobbies that will be simple and enjoyable to write about. Use the topics below to write an informative essay about art and music.

  1. Should the government provide financial support and grants to aspiring musicians and artists?
  2. Separately talk about the benefits of art to society and individuals.
  3. Which emerging artists and musicians have had the greatest influence on you? Explain their significance.
  4. Does rap music have an impact on the behavior of modern teenagers? Is there a distinction in messages for society between 90s rap and modern rap?
  5. What impact did the advancement of 1980s music have on US history?
  6. The post-World War II advancement of the film industry influenced the current era.
  7. Was the New Wave film movement renaissance?
  8. The British music invasion of the US market and its impact on American music.
  9. The fashion transformation from the 1950s to the 1960s.
  10. Is Patrick Hughes’s “Darkness Falls” a one-of-a-kind piece of art?

Small afterword

The main goal of writing a proposal essay is to present ideas for proposal papers related to your discussion topics. Consider yourself a salesperson who must persuade a customer to buy your product. You can use the above proposal essay topics list to understand what is expected of you.

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