As an aspiring nurse, you may have certain beliefs about the meaning of nursing. A nursing philosophy will help you identify the thoughts and theories shaping your choices. Many nursing students must write a nursing philosophy and submit it to their instructor.

Writing a philosophy in nursing is very difficult for many nursing students. You must know and fully understand the field that you are entering. By reading this article, you will have a deep understanding of what the philosophy of nursing is and how you can write it following all the instructions given by your instructor.

What is a nursing philosophy?

A philosophy of nursing is a paper that a nursing student outlines values and beliefs as they relate to the nursing profession and their inspiration to being a certified nurse. When writing your nursing philosophy paper, you must consider your education, training, professional practice, personal approach to healthcare, and career goals.

In some cases, the nursing philosophy statement may focus on what it means to be a nurse according to you and what you think makes an excellent nursing professional. A philosophy of nursing helps you identify beliefs and theories that shape your daily choices as a nurse.

How to write the philosophy of nursing

Every nursing student dreams of achieving the best grades in the final academic year. To achieve this dream, it is important to go through previously written nursing philosophy examples to help hint at how to write your nursing philosophy paper. The following steps will help you draft a quality nursing philosophy statement:

  • Evaluate your motivation factor for pursuing nursing

Nursing students get inspired to pursue nursing in different scenarios, such as receiving treatment from a good nurse or having a nurse as a role model. In your philosophy paper, write what inspired you to choose nursing as your career.

  • Evaluate the importance of nursing as a profession to you

You need to find out what you will get after taking good care of your patients. Building a good relationship with your patient is important to make them feel comfortable during treatment. In the medical field, you will come across challenges while saving lives.

  • List all your nursing strengths and outline your personal values

Understanding what the future holds for you as a professional nurse is very important; it helps you keep trying and improving. You can list your nursing skills and personal traits or behaviour towards people. Below are some of the values and attributes, they include;

  1. Leadership
  2. Integrity
  3. Teamwork
  4. Quality
  5. Accountability
  6. Equality
  7. Empathy
  8. Kindness
  9. Innovation
  10. Community
  11. Communication
  12. Patience
  13. Service
  14. Hard work
  15. Organization
  16. Management -time, work schedule
  17. Respect
  • Keep reviewing your nursing philosophy as you advance your career

As you continue advancing in your nursing career, you will experience several obstacles that can change your opinion regarding nursing and the goals that you have set in your career. To ensure that nothing changes and your progress with your nursing philosophy, you will have to regularly evaluate your nursing philosophy statement using current skills, traits, values, and inspiration, among others.

  • Give positive impacts that you will bring to the community as a professional nurse

Your personal nursing philosophy must include your future goals and dreams as a health practitioner. This will inspire and guide you to become a professional nurse. As a professional nurse, you can improve people’s lives by educating them on measures of healthy living; you can also create a conducive environment for treating patients with chronic diseases.

Points to consider when writing a nursing philosophy

The following are helpful points to consider when developing your nursing philosophy paper. They include:

  • Be brief and precise
  • Use correct language and tone
  • Ensure that you connect your essay with real-life experiences
  • Create a draft and keep the copy somewhere you will be able to see it every day

How to structure a high-quality nursing philosophy paper

A personal philosophy statement can be in the form of homework, a work application, or a scholarship. Your nursing philosophy essay must have a philosophy statement focusing on your values and beliefs.

You must identify what is important to you based on your values and beliefs. Highlight your key details to similar events and those who you encountered, and explain how these events shaped you. It is also important that you think more about your career path and academic achievements.

Outline all your ideas and write a good introductory statement for your nursing philosophy; It is necessary to introduce yourself at this point. Give a story about a significant experience, and make sure that the scene relates to your nursing philosophy. Each part of your outline must have a paragraph and subtitle for every paragraph that has the essential details; at the end of your philosophy paper, you are required to conclude with an excellent final statement that will summarize your entire nursing philosophy.

Factors to consider when writing a thesis statement for your nursing philosophy essay

  • Ensure that you emphasize the claim
  • Come up with evidence that will support your statement
  • Develop strong points that will support your thesis statement
  • Include some samples in your thesis
  • Use nursing philosophy examples to keep your thesis captivating
  • Proofread and edit your thesis

How to structure a nursing philosophy paper outline

A good personal nursing philosophy paper outline guarantees you good grades in your essay. The transparency of your paper will depend on the flow and structure of your writing. Many students find it hard to compose an outline due to a lack of enough knowledge on how to structure one.

The following is the process of preparing for a philosophy nursing paper outline. You can break it into different stages, and they include:

  • Planning the outline
  • Choose the right topic for your nursing philosophy paper
  • Identify the purpose of your paper
  • Correct all materials needed
  • Identify your main points and draft a thesis statement for your paper
  • Structure your thesis statement by using short and complete sentences
  • Organize the main ideas by grouping them together and including all the supporting information
  • Review your outline
  • Proofread and edit your outline to ensure it is free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes

Philosophy of nursing essay topics

To write a successful personal nursing philosophy paper, it is important to go through the best personal philosophy of nursing essay examples to get a hint of how to title your article. To make writing your nursing philosophy paper easy, we have gathered a list of different nursing philosophy essay topics you can use. Below are some exciting topics that you can use in your essay for free:

  • The main concepts of an excellent nursing philosophy
  • Relationship between nursing and different religions
  • Importance of good self-esteem in nursing
  • Nursing ethical issues
  • Conditions of nursing practice
  • Reasons why you chose nursing
  • The analysis of violence in nursing

Popular philosophy essay topic

The following topics are gathered from different fields where philosophy is used. You can choose any topic you are comfortable with from any of these. Make sure that the topic you use from the examples below relates to the question given or the subject. They include:

  • Human rights
  • Different democratic regime gaps
  • The balance between war and peace
  • The ethical aspects of abortion
  • Disadvantages of becoming a young mother
  • Consequences of several abortions
  • Comparing legal and political sciences
  • The ancient Greek and Roman philosophers
  • Impacts of the US intellectual movement.

The best philosophy of nursing paper structure

  • Topic
  • Thesis statement
  • The introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • Editing and proofreading

Why a nursing philosophy is important

  • It helps improve your communication skills with your patient
  • It helps you get inspired when dealing with nursing profession challenges
  • It guides you in writing a concise
  • It helps you to get prepared for the potential nursing interview questions
  • A nursing philosophy allows you to make a solid career development decision

Personal philosophy of nursing for students

To become a qualified nurse, you must deeply connect with your values and beliefs. To write a high-quality nursing philosophy paper, you must identify the skills and personality of a qualified nurse.

Understanding the connection of your career will help you focus on your nursing career. A personal nursing philosophy will help you to be mentally and emotionally connected in providing care to your patient.

To finalize

A personal philosophy of nursing is defined as the will that strongly influences how all nursing professions work. The nursing philosophy is personalized to meet the personal preferences of every nursing practitioner. It is mainly influenced by the nursing theories you apply daily.

Writing a quality nursing philosophy paper can be very difficult. In this blog, you will find quality philosophy topics and a complete guide on how you should write your personal philosophy of nursing. Contact us via our online platform for any philosophy of nursing essay writing services.